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BACKYARD with a view

The intention of the design was to create a backyard the focal point of which is the view.

The family recently moved into this home and inherited a "blank canvas" for a backyard. Even though the dead grass was undesirable for the homeowners, it was a playground for our designers.

To reimagine the backyard, we first sat down with the homeowners to understand their family needs, wishes and lifestyle. 

The first item on the list was a pool and spa. It easily gets over a hundred degrees in Simi Valley in the summer and what's a better way to cool down than jump into a pool. The lady of the house likes swimming laps so we created an unobstructed swimming lane for her to swim. The spa sits inside the pool and creates a seamless transition. It gives the pool a clean symmetric shape with minimal lines.

The second item was the paver patio around the house. It had to be big enough to place a dinning table with chairs and a few outdoor furniture pieces, but not too big as to take away from the grass lawn. The paver patio smoothly transitions to the pool deck that wraps around the perimeter of the pool.

The third item on the "must have" list was the Bocce Ball court. The man of the house loves playing the game and it's an entertaining activity for the guests when they come to visit. The Bocce Ball court is made of decomposed granite and bordered with redwood 4x4s.

The fourth item was the fire pit pad. It is set in the far left corner of the property where the best view of the mountain is! Two paver stepping pads connect the pool deck with the fire pit seating area.

The fifth and final criteria was the open grass lawn to play games and low maintenance plants. The back of the property is highlighted with five foxtail palms, which grow to about 25 feet and will not be overly tall when they mature. In between the palms, the wind is swiftly playing with lavender plants and Mexican grasses.  The left side of the house is accented with a row of white hibiscus, which is adored by the lady of the house. The left side of the house was built with a raised planter to hold the elevated soil. The raised planter is planted with climbing Star Jasmin.  It will make the game of Bocce Ball that more pleasant when it releases it's delightful scent.


3D Design

To help reimagine the backyard, we designed the project in 3D.


It allows the homeowner to get a sense of scale, functionality and layout.