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I'm Kristina

A chief designer, CEO & an insatiable optimist dedicated to helping our clients design & build beautiful outdoor living spaces they've always dreamed of.

One of the things I'm most often asked is...

"Why the name - Cat in a Hammock?"

Well.. personally, if I close my eyes and think of a cat, I imagine it stretching out in the sun by a window or under a large plant, roaming around the house like it own the place, enjoying life carefree and having fun.

When I think of a hammock, I see a shady spot under a tree, peacefully swaying in a hammock, maybe taking a nap and simply relaxing.

If I combine both a cat and a hammock - ah, life is GOOD! and it's exactly what one might do in the backyard - enjoy and relax.

Our Mission

Is to design and build beautiful outdoor living spaces that are the expression of the homeowners' desire.

We are committed to bringing our clients thoughtful design, exceptional craftsmanship and fair pricing.

All of this goodness organized in a budget and delivered on time.

Here's a little bit about us...

Kristina V. Jones

Chief Designer, Founder & CEO

'Landscape contractor', 'business woman' and 'artist' are a few words that describe me in a nut shell. In the field dominated by men, most people think that I'm in fashion. Little do they know that I know more about pavers, irrigation and landscaping than your average Joe.

I moved to California from New Jersey in 2007 and since then made Los Angeles my home. After working in the corporate world and with a desire to someday have my own business, I decided to actually go for it after completing my MBA at Pepperdine University.

My love for homes and architectural design has been with me since I was a teenager: laying tile with my stepdad, painting all the rooms at my parents' house and planting flowers in our front yard. I didn't know it then, but it's so obvious to me now, this is my passion and self-expression in the world.


Design Engineer, Director

Allen is a rare species of people who can make the impossible possible. Not only is he an engineering genius, but he's also a delight to be around.

He's had multiple businesses, from car wash machine manufacturing to building super yachts. Now, once again, he's outdone himself by conquering the world of construction.

Allen brings his engineering expertise to structurally complex projects. He makes it easier for our craftsmen to do their best work by supporting them with smart building, providing clear architectural drawings and construction oversight.

Originally from New Zealand, Allen enjoys surfing on his free time and spending time with his awesome wife - me!